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Literature and Cartography: Theories, Histories, Genres

Edited By Anders Engberg-Pedersen

2017 | MIT Press
Copy Available: No

The relationship of texts and maps, and the mappability of literature, examined from Homer to Houellebecq.

Literary authors have frequently called on elements of cartography to ground fictional space, to visualize sites, and ...

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Spatiality and Symbolic Expression: On the Links Between Place and Culture

Edited By Bill Richardson

2015 | Palgrave Macmillan
Copy Available: Yes

In this volume, scholars from a wide range of fields within the humanities explore the links between space and place and their relation to cultural expression. This collection shows that a focus on the spatial can help elucidate important facets of s ...
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Walking in the City Urban Experience and Literary Psychogeography in Eighteenth-Century London

By Catharina Löffler

2017 | Springer
Copy Available: Yes

In this book, Catharina Löffler traces the psycho-physical experiences of London walkers in eighteenth-century literature. For this purpose, readings of fascinating, exciting, comical and sometimes disturbing texts grant insights into a cultura ...
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Black Atlas: Geography and Flow in Nineteenth-Century African American Literature

By Judith Madera

2015 | Duke University Press
Copy Available: Yes

Black Atlas presents definitive new approaches to black geography. It focuses attention on the dynamic relationship between place and African American literature during the long nineteenth century, a volatile epoch of national expansio ...
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